How to Role Play a Crim!

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How to Role Play a Crim! Empty How to Role Play a Crim!

Post  Tyre on May 14th 2011, 7:22 am

Criminals are lawless are lawless people only restricted by what they want to do. They can be considered "The 'Forcers Favorite" One advantage criminals have is that, like said before, are only restricted by who they are. Some may just be the thief, but not try to hurt others. While some just kill whatever possible. There are many ways to role play a Crim, but with those many options can come a big restriction in what he does. For example, a killer would not just walk into a CSA HQ waving at the cops. If he even walked into the CSA HQ, he needs a pair of RPG's and extra ammo, if not he would be thrown in the jail. If you are planning on spending a good amount of time in the jail, don't drop the soap!


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How to Role Play a Crim! Empty Re: How to Role Play a Crim!

Post  EvelynMeiyi on February 13th 2014, 9:35 am

Let's face it, San Paro is larger than life, full of color and energy, and just a liiitle bit campy. Your crim should fit the mold. One thing criminals are not, aside from model citizens, is complacent. Every crim in San Paro has suffered under the broken regime of a sloppy government. Now that the Enforcers are out in -- pardon the expression -- force, it's time to raise some chaos.

To that end, an APB crim is most likely an anarchist. They do what they want, when they want to do it, and see the imposition of any authority as a challenge to their way of life. Most of 'em are (slightly) moral, in that they have a code of honor, however twisted it might be. As long as they're left alone, they're happy. When the 'Forcers step up to the plate and try to make them 'toe the line', though, the gloves come off and it's time to play.

As a crim, be reckless, but not stupid. Operate on the assumption that 'the Man' has failed San Paro, and that 'the Law' is corrupt, and in some ways worse than all the things the media says about people like you. That said, a crim knows when a worthy opponent steps up, and he knows what lines should never, ever be crossed.

And sometimes...just's easier to hunt with a partner, even if they're on the other side.


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