How could you RP a Enforcer/Detective

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How could you RP a Enforcer/Detective Empty How could you RP a Enforcer/Detective

Post  Tyre on May 14th 2011, 7:24 am

Get some friends to join you. It's always more fun with a friend. Make sure you can trust them with your secrets and master plan. If you have a group, try creating a few missions and assigning each "agent" to each mission.
Create an "assignment". Choose a target, find a lead, and create a master plan (with a back up, of course).
Make sure you're prepared for your mission. Your pen should be fully inked, your flashlight should have a full battery, your tape recorder should have tape in it, etc. Go on a practice run before the mission, just to make sure everything will go as planned. If you have enough friends with you, you can even make a Detective training.
Create a secret base. This can be as complex as a hidden room behind a bookshelf or as simple as a mouse hole, a BIG mouse hole.


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