Pariahs (Joker, East)

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Pariahs (Joker, East) Empty Pariahs (Joker, East)

Post  Carlyle on May 23rd 2011, 8:22 pm

The Pariahs are a collection of Crim rp'ers that are (Oocly) about promoting the rp community in APB. We loved to RP back during the RTW days, and jumped on the opportunity when the game was reborn. There are no character requirements for admission, just apply on the forums (In the classifieds section of APB).

ICly, The Pariahs are just a ragtag collection of miscreants, mercenaries, and even mental patients. Maybe they didn't fit in anywhere else or maybe they were just bored, but they found a home in the Pariahs.

Officers: Delinquent, Navron, Carlyle

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Pariahs (Joker, East) Empty Re: Pariahs (Joker, East)

Post  zterrans on May 23rd 2011, 8:49 pm

Interesting, may have to have Erin try to get in with them Smile Need time to compose a good post, not in writing mode right now.


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