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Post  zterrans on May 29th 2011, 2:40 pm

Have a third character up. Kind of weird having 2 enforcers, but had been prepared to seal off my newly created G1 APB enforcer if the RP demands it (plus I really started to miss my FBI agent). Here is Jennifer Wilks, aka AgtWilks, of the FBI

“Special Agent Wilks, glad to have you back. I know it has been a trying few months, but you’ve done excellent work on running down the Klavsky case.”
“Thank you sir, it was one of the loose ends from the San Paro assignment that I needed to get done.”
“There were others, though, and I know they must still weigh heavily on you.”
“Yes sir. A few were cleaned up during the Martial Law, but I’ve not received a lot of confirmation on some others.”
“Enacting martial law was not a popular move. Too heavy handed, too many people went underground before we could lock them down. They never should have done that. A shame we had to pull you out before you could finish your work. But all is not lost. As you know, things have returned to…well…what I suppose is as close to normal as San Paro gets, and we are not about to give up on it. To that end, I want someone with experience to be our liaison there. You have the experience, you have the contacts, and you have the determination. Agent Wilks, will you take the assignment?”
“Yes sir, you can count on me, I don’t like loose ends.”
“We’ll arrange a flight to San Paro, and get you to your safehouse in Havalynd. You’ll be leading up ‘Task Force Mongoose’. It’ll be an independent entity, we don’t want oversight from the authorities there, and you know how bad it can get. SPPD will sell you downriver in a heartbeat, and I don’t want some private citizen’s group messing with our activities.”
“I don’t imagine things have improved much since I’ve been there, and they were pretty bad coordinating between the Praetorians and Tigers.”
“They haven’t. But you will have to work with them to some degree. We are going to be running light here. Director Mueller isn’t too keen on spending resources going back in, so you will be it unless you make significant headway. Recruit your own members as you see fit, but screen them well. You’ll have access to our network at your safehouse, and a limited set of funding to support your activities, but I won’t lie, it is an uphill struggle.”
“I understand, sir. I will do my best.”

Located in her safehouse, a condo overlooking Havalynd’s financial center, Special Agent Jennifer Wilks stood by the window, watching the city below. A period of martial law had not done much to the city. Even now, she could see evidence of firefights going on in the streets below. There was a lot of work to be done, innumerable criminals to start bringing in to justice. At that thought, she turned to the table at the center of the room, and looked over the files. A few old faces, a few new ones, but there were plenty of leads to start with. She just needed a team to start taking them down.
One small step at a time, but they’ll add up. First a team, then the first arrests, and slowly we’ll dismantle this threat.
Jennifer started out the door, grabbing her STAR from the weapon locker, and moving past the guards to the elevator. She knew in seconds she’d be out of her safe zone and into the dangerous streets of San Paro, starting the work she had stopped nearly a year ago, but despite the risks, she felt pleased, because she was on the case again, and it felt great to be back.

General Information:

Name: Jennifer Wilks

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington

- Current: Havalynd, San Paro


Marital Status: Never married.
- Prior: Single.
- Current: Single.

Occupation: FBI Liaison to San Paro, head of Task Force Mongoose


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