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Agent Wilks' Investigation Log Empty Agent Wilks' Investigation Log

Post  zterrans on June 6th 2011, 10:19 am

((Held on a secure laptop located at her Havalynd Safehouse. Not yet uploaded elsewhere))

June 6

Investigation with Jelani “Triple 9” Turn. Preliminary notes.
Questions asked June 5th, at Gaijin Club in Havalynd. Major hang out for the Blood Roses. Significant criminal connections. Blood Roses member “Suji” spotted nearby. Reason for meeting place? Consider further investigation. Is it near Pariahs’ safe house? Base of operation for Carlyle?

Relationship with Erin Mineta? Claims to know her, but is a not friend of hers. Probably True. No reason to think otherwise, yet. Could have been an accessory to criminal activity, but no proof.

Know of the Pariahs? Yes, Met some. Refuses to specify further. May have some incriminating links, or may not wish to expose them. Press for info later.

Aware of her Pariah’s connection? Says yes. Known association with known Pariah. Something to consider holding against him

Heard of Ian Carlyle? Yes, met him once, a friend introduced him. What is friend’s connection with Carlyle? Rookie mistake not to ask, Jen, rookie mistake...

Friend’s name? Refuses to say. Was Evasive on the question. Probable line of guilt

Friend's Job? Bodyguard, doesn’t know who for. Criminal?

Did he speak with Carlyle? Yes Took another question to respond. Evasive?

About? Just basic introduction. Mentions a Wife or Girlfriend of Carlyle. Interesting lead. Need to confer with CSA databases more. Could use more cooperation with the enforcers instead of jurisdictional indifference. No specifics on “introduction”

Wife or Girlfriend information? Blonde, White Not asian and purple haired, not Mineta, Awfully Pretty. No name known. Not much evidence to go on. Minor rumors here and there. CSA database, again, unreliable. Might be “Dolly”.

Meeting Place? Eastside, gas station. Meeting short, was more interested to getting to Studio in Gretsy Investigate for potential security cameras. Don’t think it will turn into much.

Heard of Mineta’s Safehouses? Yes, nothing in particular. Long shot information, nothing found from it

G-King connection? Hangs with them, relates to them, but no intention of joining. No known criminal connection. Room to charge with crimes, if need be. Look for more solid information

Bloodroses? Dosen’t hang up with them, no appeal, finds rich kids not to connect with him, finds Suji alright. Bought computers from Byron. "Rich kids" comment finds disconnect with hanging out with Ms. Mineta. Perhaps there really is no friendship, or he does not know.

Know any other Pariahs? Not sure, may have met some, but dosen’t know them to be. May be a lie. Nothing to back that up.

Know of the kill orders on Hayes or Hafford? Yes Very Suspicious. Claims to have heard the names before. Opening to criminal charges. Investigate further!

Report? Slipped mind. Asked who they were. Counter questioned? Reason for it? Keep an eye out on such behavior again.

Disappearances of CSA investigators in the waterfront? Heard, noting of note. Minor notes on the street about it. Nothing suspicious. Bit of a stretch to ask. More CSA cooperation would be nice.

No mention of members “Dice” or “Svah”. Possible nicknames of known offenders. Know Mineta goes by “Purps”, so likely others use nicknames in their interactions. Mr. Turn may have some association with the Pariahs besides what he has mentioned so far. A few bits of odd behavior, though he may be trying to protect himself. Too many people trying to draw attention by associating with the criminal elements. Mr. Turn was armed with a snub-nosed revolver, but not uncommon in the city, could be relatively innocent, as he did not turn it on me.


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Agent Wilks' Investigation Log Empty Re: Agent Wilks' Investigation Log

Post  zterrans on June 6th 2011, 5:48 pm

((obviously, photoshopping is not my strong point. Right now posting the files here as the TFM site isn't off the ground. Plus you get an OOC view of what is being guessed at. By the way, that is Erin's real face down there))

Further notes: Only have a rough grasp of the Pariahs as an organization. A good target for Task Force Mongoose to start with. CSA files still very limited, but got a few more to go with. Managed to get a few pictures, and that involved a good few hours of working my ass off sucking up to every private badge I could find. These guys do not like the FBI trying to get in on their jobs. Have to tell Director Mueller about this. If I can get better force on the ground, I may stop getting jerked around by private citizen pretending to be a police officer.

Need to find more connections. Hopefully Mr. Turn will produce something of note, or may do something that will allow me to crack down on him. Either way will potentially give me more to go on.

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