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Post  Dolly on June 19th 2011, 3:13 pm

To all tag designers,

I'm looking for a number of tags promoting the Pariahs, the G-Kings, revolution against the fascist oppression of enforcement and my company, DevilDolly Lingerie.

Those I like most, I'll purchase for a chunky cash sum, probably somewhere between $20k and $50k (before tax, so don't forget to include 20% market tax), depending on how much I like it. All sales must be exclusive i.e. I'm the only one who gets to use that design, ever.

In the next few weeks, a second contest will open for car designs promoting the same themes.

Post decent-quality screenies to the contest entry section on the Pariahs' iNet portal by the 27th of June. Purchases will be agreed by mail and then made during the following week.

Thank you very much for your time,
Dolly Carlyle (alias DevilDolly)
CEO of DevilDolly Lingerie

(( Note: Submissions must be possible to purchase on Joker server ))

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