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Post  Havegun on May 9th 2011, 4:28 pm

As good an introduction as any, I suppose.

General Information:

Name: Juan Aguaro

Aliases: Jay, Jag

Gender: Male

Race: Mestizo-Mexican

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Chiapas, Mexico

- Prior: Oceanside, California
- Current: Fortuna Village, San Paro

- Several contacts in the Prentiss Tigers

Occupation: Sergeant in the San Paro Sheriff's Department, former L. Cpl. in the USMC, has also held jobs as a repo agent, doorman (bouncer), towtruck driver, mechanic.

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos of Jaguar spots on neck, shoulders and upper arms. Aztec Calendar disc on back. Pierced ears, nose and lower lip, but never wears any when on duty.

Current Status: Working for the SPSD in San Paro.

Background: Juan was born in southern Mexico, his father a local police captain, his mother a US-born doctor. Hisis father was killed by cartels when Juan was eleven and his mother fled with him to the US, to San Paro. Settling on the doorsteps of Prentiss, his thrill-seeking nature made him several friends among the rich-kids. After (barely) graduating high school, he spent a couple of years working various jobs (see occupation). Eventually he signed up with the Marines and served for some time, going on one deployment. After being discharged, he returned to San Paro and took up his previous odd-job 'career' again.

After witnessing just how bad the crime had gotten in the city, a violent double-murder just a few doors down from his mom being the final straw, Juan decided to pitch in the fight to get SP back on keel. A bunch of his childhood friends were forming the Prentiss Tigers, but Juan didn't have a trustfond at his back, he needed to collect a paycheck as well. At first he considered signing up with one of the many private security contractors the conflict had attracted, but in the end decided against it on moral grounds. Instead, he sent his application to the SPPD, but the Department collapsed before they ever got around to processing it. Instead, he sent it to the Sheriff's Department and was hired almost on the spot. Due to lack of manpower, he was quickly given his stripes, but has been working hard to earn them since.

Juan is a good-natured guy and very humorous. Although a bit cocky and brash at times, he generally manages to get out on top of the situation.
A bit of a gearhead, he loves nothing more than taking apart something for the first time, be it an engine, transmission or even a firearm, and figuring out how it works (and how to put it back together). Most of his paycheck goes to this hobby, leading to a growing collection of cars and guns.

Generally he dislikes the many mercenary-types that have entered the city, likening them to vultures just waiting for the city to die off.


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