Prentiss Enclave Attacked

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Prentiss Enclave Attacked Empty Prentiss Enclave Attacked

Post  zterrans on July 6th 2011, 12:51 am

An exclusive community within upper Prentiss was raided tonight by an unknown female assailant. Reports from the Prentiss Tigers indicates the assailant was likely a member of the 82nd Street Runners, judging by her clothing, and was attempting to embarrass the Tigers on the home turf. It is not known exactly how the woman managed to break through security, but she was rapidly located and pursued, leading Tiger personnel on a running gun fight through a gated community.

While the Tigers were able to prevent the attacker from causing any significant damage, she was able to escape by breaking into a local garage and making off with a mint-condition Bishada Rapier from the home of Daniel and Mika Mineta.

A checkpoint located at the border to lower Prentiss attempted to stop the assailant, severely damaging the escaping car as it careened dangerously through it. It is believed that the attacker was fatally wounded in the barrage, though neither car nor driver have been located yet.


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