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John "Triton" Marstone was an ex-marine. After being unhonourly dischared for something he didn't do, he opened Marstone'z Chop Shop in downtown Havalynd. Once he was attacked by a bunch of vigilante punks, so with quick thinking, locked himself into an impound. Having got in with knives the punks dropped, he constructed the infamous "Triton knife pole" (hence the nickname Triton) and killed all three in mere minutes. Having never even been arrested for the crime, he decided to get into the criminal business. It started with a simple mugging and went on to street races, drive by shootings, and shootouts for no reason. In time, he renamed his chop shop "Triton'z Chop Shop" and gained fame and fortune. In his dreams. Very Happy
San Paro Police Department Record:
John Marstone
Also known as "Triton"
Criminal record:
2002- Murder of fellow marine
2009- Mugging, Drive by, murdering 4 people and injuring 10 more.
2010- Shootout nearby San Paro Central Station, killing over 17 people, no injuries.
2011- Discovery of "Triton Knife Pole", Drug Dealing, Ram Raiding.

Marital Status: Never in relationship, N/A
Home: Current: Alleyway, Inside Macchina Calabria 127
Former: Havalynd, San Paro.
DoB: 1982-09-14
Age: 39
Interests: Video Games, Rock/Post-grunge music, Subway sandwiches.
Carl Marstone, Deseased (Drive By shootout)
May Marstone (nee Carlton), Alive.
Favorite Band: The Exies.

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