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Post  Lieutenant Divito on September 4th 2012, 8:37 am

[Enforcer] San Paro LAPD RP - Now Recruiting Officers! (Obeya EU) Slidermain

There are countless ways to help the San Paro LAPD do its job. Explore this area to find out how you can make a difference as an LAPD officer in San Paro!

Full details @ h t t p: / / l a p d r p . i n f o (remove spaces)

Shortly after Mayor Jane Derren enacted the City Security Act, she requested assistance from the Los Angeles Police Department. Given the LAPD’s experience and long history in dealing with violent gangs it was felt their expertise could be utilised on the streets of San Paro.

In response to Derren’s plea for help, the LAPD set up a special department in the city to assist in formal policing. Many of the officers designated to head up the detachment were generally considered hardened, gung ho with attitudes well suited to the relaxed regulations of the San Paro City Security Act. Rookies who show similar attitudes are often sent to the San Paro LAPD unit.

The San Paro Department soon picked up the nickname The Lost Angels Police Department, a reference to the fact they are LAPD officers working outside of LA.

Unlike other legalised enforcer organisations, the San Paro LAPD are a formal, uniformed department utilising LAPD police tactics and discipline albeit without the red tape as their Los Angeles colleagues.

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