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Post  zterrans on May 14th 2011, 11:46 pm

Name: Alice Hafford
Aliases: Agent Crane
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Wilmington, Delaware
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: CSA Recruit

Prior: Fortuna Village, San Paro
Current: Safehouse in Havalynd, San Paro


Prior: Blue Steel Security (in case you're wondering: look at the side of all the Armored Cars Smile )
Current: City Security Act, preference towards working with the Praetorians

Distinguishing Marks:
Significant scarring on the face, including across both cheeks, on the right forehead, and down through the left eye. Additional scars on arm.


New recruit with the CSA, formerly worked as administrative assistant with Blue Steel Security. Ms. Hafford came to us in the wake of an attack at Blue Steel offices by suspected Blood Roses affiliates (case currently under active investigation by the Prentiss Tigers, under lead from Stu Phoenix). Ms. Hafford received her facial scarring in the attack, being struck with a broken bottle several times after allegedly attempting to intervene during the interrogation of a co-worker. Description of attacker matches Erin Mineta, though there is little evidence to back this up. It is also believed that Ms. Mineta was the one who fired the shot that further wounded Ms. Hafford.

After recovering from her injuries, Ms. Hafford signed up with the CSA, being assigned to Wilson LeBroyce, as per CSA standard recruit procedure.

Ms. Hafford is currently working as a low-ranking CSA officer. We believe she maintains some contact with Erin Mineta, as she has turned in several E-mails to her superiors from Ms. Mineta, these appear to be mocking in nature. We do not believe that Ms. Mineta means anything more than to play simple mind games with Ms. Hafford, but the possibility exists that when Ms. Hafford inevitably moves forward to seek revenge, that Ms. Mineta may move forward with a more serious response.

Psychological profile indicates Ms. Hafford is fairly stable, though driven by a sense of revenge for the personal injuries sustained by herself and her Co-workers during the attack on the Blue Steel offices.


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