Stolen Military Weapons.

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Stolen Military Weapons. Empty Stolen Military Weapons.

Post  NumberN9ne on June 24th 2011, 1:51 pm

There have been some reports of local criminals gaining access to RPGs and other explosive weapons. As well as highly dangerous, military grade weapons. This has led to more heavily armed and armored Enforcers roaming the streets. A cargo ship that was found near Prentiss last month was said to have been used for smuggling weapons into the country. It's speculated that the murders on the ships were the result of a robbery.

Several known mob bosses have reportedly said they have nothing to do with the weapons that have turned up in the city. Some of the city's population have pointed fingers at Havalynd's very own Praetorians, others have turned Enforcer attention on the Blood Roses. The Prentiss Tigers have opted to investigate the weapons on their own, causing some tension between them and the Praetorians.

More on this story in the future.


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