The one she had been looking for.

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The one she had been looking for. Empty The one she had been looking for.

Post  Raeliah on July 2nd 2011, 10:01 pm

Raeliah woke up late in the evening after 24 hours of her normal activities, although these last hours had been rough on her.
She sat up in her bed and blinked her eyes a few times before she shook her head, her red hair swaying around a bit before she slowly pushed herself up from her seat and walked through the apartment into the bathroom where she grabbed a box of painkillers, got one out, plucked it on her tongue then leaned down to get some water from the tap to help swallow the pill.
Once she stood up again she let out a cough before turning around a walking back into the living room of her rather small apartment. She turned on her computer to check her mail.

"Proberly some spam anyways but alright... Let's check it out.."

She blinked her eyes as she saw the address it was sent from, she didn't recognize it and there was no title.
"Right, so let's see if this is another offer to grow my non-existant dick bigger.."
She opened up the mail and blinked her eyes once more what seemed to be a message full of what would happend if someone was bashing their face against the keyboard to write it.
"What the fuck is this..?" She squinted her eyes as her eyes started to run along the large piece of text, the room only being lit up by the light from the monitor. Though it would only take a moment before she shook her head with a slight grin on her face. "Oh for fucks sake Byron.. You and your damn encrypting.. Alright let's run it through the tools you gave me.."
She copied the text down into a document, saved it then opened it with a decrypting program she got from Byron before, and after a while the whole mess started to actually become real words.

"Hey Raeliah,
I managed to dig up some info on that thing you've been after. It seems to have everything you've been looking for.
The problem is that right now it's locked up by the Enforcers down at the docks in the Waterfront District, but if you go there when it's dark. It shouldn't be a problem for you."

Raeliah raised her eyebrows a little as she pondered what this was actually about then she remembered exactly what this was about and she got out of her chair, grabbed her hoodie and pulled it on as she went out in the hallway where she got her shoes on. She hadn't even been bothered to properly undress as she went to sleep. She pulled up the hood over her head and got out of the apartment.
She made her way down the stairs quickly while she was going through her phonebook on her cellphone. She found the contact she was looking for and pressed "call".
"Come on Ria, pick up you bitch.. If you're busy fucking someone I'll break your legs the next time I see you..."
Just as she got out of the door of the apartment building the call went through.
"Hey Rae, what's up?"
"About fucking time you picked up, I need you to give me a ride"
"I was in the shower, what's going on?"
"I'll tell you later, I'm on my way over to your place now. Hurry up"
She could hear Ria say something just as she cancelled the call and continued down the empty, dark streets. She took a few shortcuts over a few fences and through some back alleys before she arrived at her friends place. She went through the door to the building and up the stairs to the apartment and knocked on the door, shortly after Ria opened the door.

"What is going on Rae?" Ria was only clad in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.
"I got my hands on something and I need you to give me a ride. Come on!"
"Alright, just let me get changed.."
"Fuck that, we're in a hurry here!"

Ria sighed and shoved her feet down in her shoes, grabbed her keys and stepped out of the apartment as she followed Raeliah down the stairs. "So how are you anyways? I heard you got tazed by some enforcers earlier"
"Almost, for some reason, I don't know how. The tazer fucked up and didn't work properly or something. So I got away."

They got out of the building and into Ria's car and drove off.

"Where are we going?"
"The docks in Waterfront. Byron managed to dig out where a car, just like the one I've been looking for is parked. The Enforcers got it locked up behind some gates down there"

After a while of driving they approached the docks.
"Alright, stop here and I'll get out. Stay here and keep the engine running in case things fuck up"

Raeliah got out of the car and started to quickly make her way through the different containers, fences and various things in the docks. Trying to keep herself as hidden as possible as her eyes darted around her in search for what she was looking for.
After a few minutes of searching something caught her eye, a red color, different from the ones of the containers. She moved quickly towards it and just as she had been told, behind the fence stood the car. A metallic red Charge Mikro.
She smirked to herself as she looked around to see if there was anyone nearby before she quickly made her way over the fence. She walked around the car and let her fingertips drag over it until she reached the door. She reached behind her for a Slim Jim at the back of her pants then she let out a laugh and instead reached for the door handle and just opened the door, she had spotted the keys actually being in the ignition.
"Oh, you enforcers.. You make things too easy sometimes.."

She let out a chuckle as she turned on the ignition and the engine woke to life, but then a flash of light caught her eyes. The sound of the engine had alerted a nearby group of enforcers. She quickly threw the car into gear and raced straight for the gates. She ducked down as she bursted straight through them and made a handbrake turn. She could hear the enforcers shout and how shots were being fired as she raced the engine and started to accelerate again, drifting through the opening of a large warehouse, only to come out on the other side. She ran straight through some cardboard boxes and drove off, passing by Ria who quickly disappeared as well.

Though she now got the car she wanted to get her hands on, she knew she couldn't put it to use yet as it was just stolen and well.. Some other works on it wouldn't hurt.


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