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Erin "Aquila" Mineta Empty Erin "Aquila" Mineta

Post  zterrans on May 9th 2011, 12:28 pm

EDIT: Added distinguishing marks
EDIT 2: Just touching up some minor things, nothing major. Will produce CSA database pictures as soon as GamersFirst allows screenshots to be shown.
EDIT 3: Posting a reference picture from the RTW APB. If you see her in game, she still basically looks the same, though with a few more tattoos, and a couple of refined patterns. Colors seem brighter in game, picture seems to have dulled her a bit

Okay, just did a quick jot-down of the char. She's basically been formed up since the RTW days, her basic story and character having evolved through play. Unmentioned here is the fact that she has a rival: my enforcer character Smile

General Information:

Name: Erin Mineta

Aliases: Aquila

Gender: Female

Race: Japanese-American

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Prentiss, San Paro

- Prior: Prentiss
- Current: Unknown

- Blood Roses- independent operator

Marital Status: Never married.
- Prior: Single.
- Current: Single.

Occupation: mercenary

Distinguishing Marks:
Tattoos- "Reborn" Located on back, between shoulders. "With This Act..." Located on Right forearm. "Freedom" Located on Left Forearm. "My Life is My Own" Located on back of neck. "The Silver Spoon has Tarnished" Located on Left bicep.

Current Status: Wanted by CSA, considered armed and dangerous, approach with caution. Last seen in Havalynd, near suspected chop shop

Background: Born and raised in Prentiss, we believe Mineta may have started pretty crime as a way of some youthful rebellion against the affluent community. We are not sure exactly where she turned from basic vandalism and petty theft to larger crimes, but indications are somewhere around her 20th birthday, she committed her first armed robbery of a jewelery store located in Havalynd. It is assumed around this time, that she started making contacts with the Blood Roses gang, starting with a fence to unload higher-end stolen goods. While seemingly loyal to the gang, she does not have any known position within it.

Psychological profiles indicate Ms. Mineta is an attention seeker, spraying graffiti with her personal banner wherever possible, and choosing to dress almost exclusively in bright, almost flamboyant clothes, while often choosing to drive around in vehicles that advertise her presence. Despite being so obvious, she has proven difficult to detain, and has escaped custody several times, including one incident that ended with her stealing a San Paro Department of Corrections transport van. It was later found to be defaced with graffiti and driven around town by Ms. Mineta.

There are signs that she has recently started a turn from thrill-seeker to true believer of Luke Waskawi, noted by a far more focused approach to her criminal acts. Common targets now are almost exclusively larger corporations, and the political and security establishments of the city.

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Erin "Aquila" Mineta Empty Re: Erin "Aquila" Mineta

Post  zterrans on May 28th 2011, 1:15 pm

Adding the image I made after seeing the Pariah files.

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